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Why Talk About Entrepreneurship

Hi guys! 2021 has already arrived full of news! Those who follow me on Instagram have noticed that for some time now I’ve been talking more about digital entrepreneurship. I realized that a lot of people were interested behind the scenes of our work with travel, and it’s important to point out that this work goes far beyond “which camera do you use” and “where you took this photo”.

If you’re looking to work professionally with travel, or with content creation in general, there are many things about entrepreneurship you need to learn. So, in addition to the travel content here on the blog, I decided to focus my YouTube channel on this more business side of the business.

The idea is to encourage and give you some tools to start or professionalize your business. Being a digital entrepreneur isn’t easy, but it’s also far from being a beast. We just need to learn and apply a few things.

If you work or want to work with it, subscribe to the channel and follow the videos there. I intend to be super direct and didactic in my content, with no frills, no abstractions, even straight talk. We already have some videos scheduled, ranging from productivity tips and worthwhile books to very technical tutorials on how to start a business, how to issue grades and other important points. I promise it won’t be boring!

If you have any questions or suggestions, comment here or there on the Youtube channel. My intention is to help you, share what I’ve been learning in these 6 years with the company! and thus make my contribution to society. Because I really believe that we can be happier, more fulfilled and more useful to the world when we discover the power of digital entrepreneurship. Let’s go together?


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