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Renew The Handles To Give Your Furniture A Facelift

Do you want to change the furniture in your house?

With something as simple as changing the handles you will give them a totally new look and without spending a lot of money.

You can do it with cabinets, dressers, doors and any type of furniture that you need to update.

For antique furniture

Are you a fan of vintage furniture? Then you will know that the knobs are typically damaged or so old-fashioned that they do not fit the decoration of your home.

Renew them to get a very modern look and adapted to your style.

Retro furniture

If you are one of those who quickly get tired of their furniture and are always willing to tune up some of your furniture, surely you have changed the color or added an adhesive.

And the shooters? Do you also change them? They are the final touch to have a piece of furniture to the last!

Also in the kitchen

By renewing the handles of the kitchen cabinets you can achieve that radical change you are looking for.

We tell you which is the one that best suits your kitchen based on your style.

Industrial kitchens
If you want to give your kitchen a vintage or industrial look, shell handles are a perfect choice.

A classic, but elegant option.

Discreet kitchens
For the most discreet, edge handles are the ideal solution. They are attached to the edge of the door, drawer or cupboards.

They can hardly be seen! And they are also super practical.

Minimalist kitchens
Is your kitchen minimalist ? Don’t let the shooters take away the essence.

The slim, flattened handles are sure to look great.

For the most daring
Combine knobs and handles to your liking to give your kitchen a personal touch.

In addition, you can mix different sizes and color is in each cabinet.

Your kitchen will be a unique kitchen!

Rustic air
The handles with bronze finish will give your kitchen a retro and country look to your kitchen.

Small and elegant knobs

They can be perfect for any room in the house, the bathroom, the living room, the kitchen …

Mini knobs add sophistication and elegance.

Make your wardrobes become luxury furniture!

El dorado is current

Gold is booming in faucets, kitchen utensils, decorative elements… So why not incorporate it into handles as well?

It will give a chic and modern look to any room in your house.


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