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How You Can Create A Recycling Zone At Home

Did you know that 45% of people that don’t tend to recycle do so due to lack of space at home?

The truth is that having a small kitchen makes the task of having the garbage well organized quite difficult.

To be able to separate glass, paper, plastic … some space is required. But, calm down, surely in your kitchen you can take advantage of a corner.

We are going to tell you how to create a recycling area that suits your needs and your kitchen.

There are no more excuses not to recycle!

Use the inside of kitchen cabinets

The inside of kitchen cabinets is usually a good space to take advantage of and store recycling bins there. For example, in the closet where you keep cleaning products.

Do you have all the space occupied? You can group all the products in a removable basket so that they take up less space.

You’ll see how you free up space and you can install a recycling bin.

Take advantage of the drawers

If you have already tried everything in kitchen cabinets , but you don’t have space for recycling, we give you another solution.

The recycling bins for the drawer will come in handy.

There are plenty of sizes and models to fit any kitchen drawer.

The hole under the sink

Normally we use the sink hole to put the organic garbage can.

But to make better use of that space you can place a recycling bin with several containers and thus be able to separate all the waste in the same space.

You can find a lot of perfect cubes for this corner: removable, rotating cubes …

Recycle by colors

To make it easy for everyone in the family to recycle, it is best to use bags of the same colors for each container.

So no one will get confused as a cube.


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