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How To Fix Drainage Downpipe Problems With Least Effort

A downspout is the vertical drainage pipe designed to collect the water discharged from each floor or a floor of a building. It is also the one that vertically conducts rainwater from roofs and rooftops, and these may or may not mix with sewage.

Therefore, any breakage or plugging in it causes unpleasant odors and humidity problems.

When we have a problem in a pipeline, the concern is great because of the cost and the time it takes to fix it.

Most of them are buried in floors or embedded in walls, so any repair usually involves having to break that structure to access the breakdown.

A good alternative offered by experts to rehabilitate downspouts and that does not imply having to dig into the ground or break walls, is the Sprayform system.

The impermeability is guaranteed since a totally smooth and pore-free surface of millimeter thickness is obtained. In addition, this substance prevents the adhesion of detergents or other residues to prevent the risk of jamming.

The Sprayform system offers great advantages for any problem in a downspout. It is an excellent alternative since it is more comfortable, clean, fast and economical as it does not have to carry out any type of work and avoids the appearance of cracks and stresses that can arise from thermal expansion.

By using a plastic material, the pipe is more resistant to pressure, chemicals and any change in temperature. In addition, this system is completely respectful with the environment.

Tips to avoid pipe failures

The downspouts are a vital element in the operation of the sanitation network of any building, like any type of pipe in a house or premises, so keeping them in perfect condition is essential. Following the recommendations listed below is always good to avoid unwanted breakdowns.

In the case of downspouts in a building, it is important to know that periodic maintenance must be carried out , always by qualified professionals. In this way, jams that can be caused by the accumulation of leaves or other debris are prevented.

Separate waste

At a particular level, one of the most fundamental tips is not to use the toilet as if it were a garbage can.

Diapers, feminine hygiene products or any element that is not biodegradable can have important consequences in the drain pipes, in addition to the fact that it generates a serious inconvenience for the environment.

Fat or food remains are also not recommended substances to be poured down the drain, in the same way as hair. They can generate plugs that impede the normal flow of water and end up causing a serious complication.

To avoid this, the oils must be put in a bottle and then recycled in its specific container, you must always try to remove all food waste in the garbage and also regularly clean the shower or bath grates.


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