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Best Barbadian Culture and Places to Visit

Barbados is a true paradise for fans of active pastimes. There are always many interesting excursion routes in the city, and it will take more than one day to see all the landmarks of this place. Harrison’s Cave remains one of the main landmarks on the island. This beautiful cave simply amazes visitors with its beauty.

During an excursion in the cave, visitors will see stalactites and stalagmites of various shapes that seem to have come from some fairy tale. A standard tour of Harrison’s Cave lasts several hours. Entering a small tram, visitors will see the entire chain of caves. Flower Forest is also an interesting excursion destination. This is a famous garden that has become home to hundreds of rare plants. Flower Forest is not only distinguished by the large number of plants growing there, but also by its fabulous design. A walk there is sure to leave many warm memories.

Barkleys Park is one more amazing destination for fans of leisurely rides. Beautiful design and lush flora are among the advantages of this park. As a rule, tourists are happy to attend one more excursion – a visit to Heritage Park and Rum Factory. During an excursion there, visitors will learn a lot about the process of creating the legendary drink of Barbados. The tour ends with a sampling session, during which visitors can taste the best rum at the Mount Gay Rum Center located nearby.

The island is rich in old buildings that were still built during the colonial period. Sunbury Plantation House is one of the most famous historical landmarks in the region. This is a beautiful mansion that has an old mill located nearby. In addition to the magnificent Orchid Garden, there is a lovely botanical garden on the island. Walking through the beautiful place, visitors will learn a lot about the local flora. The information is indeed interesting because Barbados is home to many unique plants.

St. Nicholas Abbey is a major historical landmark, the building of which was completed in 1663. Today, it is the only building in the city that has a chimney. Tourists who want to learn more about the daily life of the local people are recommended to attend the Tyrol Cot village. The locals are already used to the crowds of tourists that visit them every day and offer various products for sales, such as handicrafts, jewelry, local empanadas and homemade food. If local landmarks aren’t enough for curious tourists, they’ll find more places to explore on neighboring islands. Dominica is famous for its beautiful waterfalls, Saint Lucia has impressive mountain scenery, and the Island of Saint Vincent is rich in interesting architectural and historical monuments.

Bridgetown is a fantastic destination for tourists who want to learn about the history and culture of Barbados, according to barbados book, where you will find many stories of Bridgetown, its numerous museums, heritage sites and important monuments because the city has it all. All fans of cultural sights should spend at least a few days in Bridgetown and visit the many attractions of this fabulous city. The Barbados Museum and Historical Society is a popular destination for all tourists interested in the heritage of the country. This museum is also the headquarters of the Barbados Historical Society, whose main objective is to preserve the history of the country and its people. The museum building is worth a visit, as it was a former military prison in the past.

As it is not hard to guess, Cricket Legends Museum is dedicated to all things related to the game. It displays numerous memorabilia including uniforms, autographed bats, trophies and detailed information on famous Barbadian cricketers. To learn more about the history of Parliament and the country’s notable social activists, visit the National Gallery of Heroes of Barbados. The exhibition of this museum focuses on ten National Heroes of Barbados who helped the country and their nation.

Bridgetown is the cricket capital of the world. Some people come here just to play their favorite game. There is even a museum dedicated to the game called the Cricket Legends of Barbados Museum. Here you can learn all about those who wrote their name in cricket history, and you can visit the museum for free. Car lovers won’t miss out: there’s the Mallalieu Motor Collection & Car Museum in town for just that. Here you will find an interesting collection of retro cars, but you should be aware that since the collection is private, it can only be visited by making an appointment.

The Kensington Oval stadium built in 1871 is a place worth visiting. The place is known as the ‘Mecca for cricket fans. Local, regional and international cricket tournaments are organized here. Even though the arena was built in 1871, it is very modern. A place worth visiting is the Cathedral Church of Saint Michael and All Angels. It stands out for its interior decoration such as its stained glass windows and decorated wooden elements. St. Mary’s Church is one of the oldest churches in the capital of the island of Barbados, and also very attractive. Therefore, it is also worth visiting. The first church on the island was located in its place.

The Garrison Historic Area is perhaps a place worth visiting without reservation. During the 18th and 19th centuries, the complex was a base for members of the West India Regiment in Barbados. It is worth mentioning that once, in 1751 to be precise, George Washington lived here for two months. At that time, he was taking care of his ill brother. Currently, this building is called ‘George Washington House’. In general, the first president of the United States visited only one island outside the United States, and that was Barbados. The locals are very proud of this. You can find many interactive exhibits as well as vintage items in the house museum.

The complex, in addition to the George Washington House, includes the Barbados Museum and Historical Society, where you can get an insight into what life was like for locals in the 18th and 19th centuries. It also includes Garrison Savannah, which is today’s racecourse (where you can see interesting horse racing), Needham’s Point Light House, which often hosts beach parties, as well as interesting restaurants, cafes, and bars. By the way, it was here in the year 1966 that the flag of Great Britain was lowered and the flag of Barbados was raised. Therefore, this is the best place to get acquainted with the local culture and statehood.


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