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A Guide To Healthy Eating And Happiness

In a time of saturation of content on food, fitness, experiences and healthy lifestyle, by an industry valued at $1,297 billion dollars in 2017. Some of us react passionately, others remain skeptical and others they try to ignore it or even be against it.

Which posture is the best? This is an invitation to open your eyes, explore, and experiment to make a conscious, informed decision, coherent with the moment and a pleasant and pleasant lifestyle.

A healthy and conscious diet serves, among other things, to control and optimize weight, control mood and long-term health , in such a way that, you may not even imagine. Make sure you choose the right one, based on your 3 Cs. Ready to discover a new perspective?

Healthy Eating And Happiness

The vast majority of institutional disseminators, when talking about healthy eating begin their speech in the same way: “We must eat more fruits and vegetables …”, “The nutritional pyramid consists of …”, “The healthy plate should … And etc.

Sir @ s that is from the past. The vast majority of people eat inconsistently with their 3Cs and we are dominated by the food industry, highly processed foods lacking in essential nutrients.

Food stands out for its ease of access, for its excess and for its dubious quality at the same time. We are responsible for raising the objective of our food one or more ranks in the pyramid of evolution, just as we have done, our activity, intellect, environment and needs. Updating the fundamental principles of our diet is essential for it to be healthy, especially at this time .

Why & Why Do We Feed?

Mainly, to survive and keep our body functioning inside and out, to live at full capacity, that the body, mind and spirit accompany us wherever we want. A healthy diet is one that provides us with:

  • The energy of the day to day: Physical, emotional and mental energy (the brain occupies 2% of our weight and consumes 25% of our energy).
  • The nutrients and micro-nutrients necessary for our body to establish itself, maintain its structure and function optimally (metabolism, immune system, nervous system, brain, digestive and assimilation, hormonal functions, etc …), to that we live at full capacity (without allergies, without getting sick regularly and recurrently, without heavy digestion, etc.) so that we feel full, light, beautiful and happy .
  • Good quality blood , health, peace, balance and inner connection, without anxiety or obsessions. So that we can live our life 100% without energy leaving us, like deodorant!
  • The effects of a healthy diet are innumerable, from survival to therapeutic, healing, psychological, beauty effects and etc. In addition, they have been scientifically proven from various angles of research.

The better you feel on the inside, the better you will be on the outside . If you conquer your diet, you will conquer your health and your beauty, in addition to your good humor, your social relationships, your professional success and your happiness.

In these times we have to open our eyes, we eat in many ways and not only through food. As human beings, we are perfect organisms, our systems are interconnected in a fascinating way, our heart with the brain, the brain with the intestine, the intestine with the immune system and the nervous system, the digestive system with the emotions and etc. .

Type Of Foods From A Healthy Eating

In this way, I introduce you to the concept of primary foods and secondary foods . This concept made me fall in love with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York , where I became a certified Health Coach.

A healthy diet requires a masterful combination of primary and secondary foods. So pay attention, because this balance is personal and non-transferable.

The Primary Foods

They are those necessary to live, without them we will not live happily , even if we are perfectly nourished with healthy, balanced food in its perfect measure.

  • Connect : Quality relationships and connection with friends, family and loved ones.
  • Evolve : learn new things, grow.
  • Contribute : with the environment, the community, friends, family or life.
  • Develop a professional career and financial stability .
  • Maintain Physical Activity
  • Cultivate Spirituality

Secondary Foods

They are those that we commonly know as food . There are many ways of talking about these foods, among others, through the 3 groups of macro-nutrients: carbohydrates, proteins and fats. And also, thanks to the micro-nutrients: vitamins, minerals, trace elements, essential amino acids, fatty acids and etc. that are necessary for the proper functioning of the body.

The Four Phases Of Feeding

For a good use of secondary foods, it must be taken into account that the diet is composed of several phases: ingestion, digestion, assimilation and expulsion . It is useless to eat in perfect balance, if our body is failing in the later phases.

A healthy diet requires that when deciding what we eat, we take into account the ability to facilitate the subsequent phases , according to the constitution, condition and circumstances of each one @ and at all times, this makes life easier and more enjoyable.

The way of eating has varied over time, based on the food available, the ideologies of the moment, the lifestyle and the depth or advance of knowledge of the scientific community. What used to be considered healthy eating may not continue to be so now.

Feed Levels

My mentor changed my life and made me master my own health and re-fall in love with life. He taught me these 7 levels of nutrition, which I share so that you let yourself be carried away by the thoughts that his reading triggers.

Primary : eat when you are hungry, without following any model of behavior or philosophy.

Sensory : eat according to the desire of the senses, with an emphasis on its appearance, taste, smell and color.

Emotional : you feed yourself wanting to obtain satisfaction on an emotional level, where you cook the favorite dishes of your childhood or those that your mother cooked.

Intellectual : eat taking into account intellectual arguments such as the amount of calories, proteins, vitamins, fibers, fats, minerals, sugars and etc.

Social : eat with a social conscience, using local products that have been obtained without exploitation or economic abuse. Use good quality food, from organic crops, without additives, dyes or chemicals. Moderate amounts, without abuse and in a simple way.

Ideological : eat following some ideological belief or discipline: religions, teachers, diets and etc. Where normally, what the individual needs at each moment is forgotten, since an ideology is followed blindly, automatically and flexibly.

Energetic of freedom and conscious : eat according to your individual needs (The 3Cs), choosing freely at all times. Without feeling pressured socially, respecting and prioritizing your health, constitution and condition. There is no prohibition of food, you only select the best at each moment at the energy and vital level, with the purpose of creating health, balance, peace and inner connection.

Bio-Individuality Or The Three “C”

A healthy and conscious diet integrates both categories: primary and secondary foods, based on the bio-individuality of each person, represented by the 3Cs

Constitution : genetics.

Condition : sensitivity, intolerances, allergies or other conditions.

Circumstances : vital moment, lifestyle and temporary circumstances (ie. Objective to run a marathon), family and work environment, daily routine, city, country and climate in which you usually reside, etc.

In which of these levels do you feel comfortable? I usually fluctuate between several of them, although I recognize that since I discovered and experienced the energetic level of freedom and awareness, I do not want to move to another. As for which of them is healthy? Obviously, the more aware we are of the effect of food, the easier it will be for it to be healthy.

And Now That? Bet On You

When it comes to balancing your diet to ensure that it is healthy, let yourself be guided and advised by someone you trust and inspire you, who has references and certification that endorses them, and who facilitates implementation with great focus on your rhythm of life . Preferably choose someone who has an integrative and holistic vision.

If you suffer from any illness, consult your doctor. Meanwhile, I have consolidated a “golden list” valid for the vast majority of people, on the basics of healthy eating in modern times.

  • Nurture your personal life , spend time with your loved ones, connect with new people, learn something new every so often, your finances, and don’t forget to do something for others. Spend more time on the things that you like and make you enjoy. If your personal life has deficiencies, you will see it reflected in anxiety, addiction and other eating disorders.
  • Give your body rhythm : try to eat and sleep at the same times each day, your body will become a perfect clock. Experiment with having dinner 2.5 to 3 hours before going to bed (this changes your life) and even better if you give a minimum of 12 hours of fasting every night (intermittent fasting, which is showing more and more positive results in medical studies).
  • Hydrate yourself on a recurring basis and outside of meals, with good quality water, take a stainless steel bottle with fresh water with you everywhere. Now there are cool designs for all occasions, I’m a Sternitz fan .
  • Eat clean : avoid foods with hidden ingredients (those you can’t see: sauces, soups, stir-fries, etc.) and above all, those you don’t know what they are: additives, colorings and preservatives.
  • Eat more of the earth : avoid processed foods, canned, boxed or jarred. If you had to eat them, look for them of premium quality with no additives, no colorings, or preservatives.
  • Eat local and seasonal : they are the most abundant foods in the supermarket and also, they are at a better price. This helps your body feel better in the climate in which it is, in addition, the fruit and vegetables will have matured on the plant, being tastier and providing more nutrients. Tips: Before going shopping, I usually look for a seasonal calendar that helps inspire me. If you live in Spain, here is the September  Oh My Bio! Ecological Supermarket. Also if you go to places like La Colmena Que dice Si , you will find local, seasonal and direct products from the producers.
  • Eat what makes you feel good : a trick is to spend a week eating foods separately, without mixing, to discover the effect they have on you, make friends with those who give you a better quality of life, digestion, energy, etc. . I would start with my favorite foods!
  • Grow your second brain : The Gut. Your new pet inhabits your “microbiota” a community of microbes that have the ability to determine if you are sick or healthy, thin or obese, happy or in a bad mood. You can grow it by providing a wide variety of probiotic foods: sauerkraut, kefir, kimchi , miso, kombucha and many more. They strengthen your immune system and balance the nervous system. If you do not want to eat these foods or you do not feel like it, you can buy Megaflora from Equisalud in Saninatur , they will send it to you free of charge in 24 hours and Sonia will serve you with love.
  • Eat foods alive : whole grain, whole grain, and gluten-free or very low-content cereals such as brown rice, quinoa, buckwheat, spelled, oats, millet, and more. And if you eat bread regularly, make it high quality bread .
  • It introduces vegetable proteins: they provide the 8 exogenous essential amino acids, which the body cannot produce and needs us to provide, through food: lentils, beans, chickpeas, peas, chickpeas, soybeans, black soybeans, seeds, peanuts, walnuts , etc.
  • Avoid: fried, breaded, processed, low-quality white flour and added sugars.
  • Green that I love you green : broccoli, celery, arugula, spinach, kale, endives, Chinese cabbage, cabbage, etc … They are very powerful, to purify the blood, improve circulation, improve the immune system, reduce mucous congestion, improve the function of the kidneys, etc. In addition, their contribution of fiber also makes them perfect as pre-biotics, the food that your pet needs, the “microbiota”.
  • Fall in love with Sweet Vegetable : enjoy the sweetness offered by onion, zucchini, beet, sweet potato, sweet potato and all round and root vegetables, which, cooked for a long period and covered, give off a sweetness that will help you reduce and eliminate cravings for sweets.
  • It ensures that your body has the necessary vitamins and minerals above all, if you have a fast pace of life and your diet has been unbalanced for a while.
  • Eliminate stress from your life : it produces cortisol, it collapses your digestive system and your immune system, and it is your worst enemy. Unwanted weight gains, nutrient assimilation deficits, constipation, anxiety, headaches, etc … are some of the consequences.
  • Incorporate more healthy plans

And Have I Not Forbidden Any Food?
This is the beauty of the matter, as you introduce better quality food, your body will re-educate itself and will ask you for more healthy eating and less mediocre eating. And you will naturally adopt a healthy diet that is optimal for you.

This is not a diet, it is a lifestyle , I recommend you avoid any diet that has its own name, look for a personalized diet with your name. Each person is different in constitution, condition and circumstances (where we live, lifestyle, etc.). Nurture your personal life and get ready for a fall of healthy and happy eating.

How To Go To Action Without Die In The Attempt?

An explorer attitude is your best ally , explore each healthy eating habit that is not yet part of your usual life, try it for several days in a row taking it as a game observing your feelings: which recommendations attract you the most, which cause you rejection, such as you feel when you put it into practice, how you feel afterwards, if the digestion was simple or more complicated, if your energy levels vary, your skin, your vital rhythm, your thoughts, etc. Have fun exploring textures, colors, and flavors. Find out what feels good to you, write it down and repeat it as much as you want.

Give your body a little empathy , our body is wise, it is capable of staying alive and generating life without us having to give it the order, every strange sensation, discomfort, pain, etc. it’s your body trying to talk to you. Listen to him because that information is very valuable, do not get frustrated, just try to understand what he wants to tell you. When you understand each other, you will discover a new way of living connected with your body.

Some signs that your body needs to change its diet are: thirst, cramps, abdominal bloating, constipation, diarrhea, dry and dull skin, constant exhaustion, anxiety, cravings, need for sugar in the middle of the afternoon, laziness, laziness, etc. It is time to let yourself be guided and advised by a professional to define healthy eating habits for you.

Surrender to joyful perseverance : do not expect immediate and magical results, if after 20, 30 or 40 years eating the same, you suddenly change your diet, the results will not come in 2 days. Your body needs to re-educate and adapt. If you want to be safe, go further and faster, let yourself be guided in a personalized way by a holistic or integral professional.


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