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6 Ideas You Can Try To Organize A Small Wardrobe

Organizing a small wardrobe is always a big challenge. We think that we do not have enough space to store all the clothes, but most likely you are not making good use of the space.

With these 6 tips and choosing the right accessories, your small wardrobe can fit so much more

Empty everything to start from zero

The first thing you should do is remove all your clothes and get rid of everything that you have not put on for years or the clothes that no longer fit. So you can make room for other clothes.

You will surely find clothes that you didn’t even remember!

Organize the drawers well

Small wardrobe drawerDividing the drawers is essential so that the smallest items are well organized and do not end up all messed up.

The drawer dividers are very handy for the underwear drawer. So you can separate for each type of garment: panties, bras, socks …

Position the panties vertically to see them at a glance without having to rummage through and the bras one after the other, in parallel.

With these tips you will get your drawers to be like those of a professional organizer.

Don’t forget the space behind the door

Bag hanger If the inside of your wardrobe doors are empty, it’s time to make the most of them.

It is the ideal place to hang your bags. Add a bag rack for neat storage.

So you have them in view and without deforming.

Pants in sight

The removable pants are an accessory that cannot be missing in any wardrobe, but especially in the small ones.

It is a very practical accessory that allows you to have all your pants organized, taking up the minimum space.

Also, you will be able to see all the pants at a glance . Without having to rummage through the hangers.

Any gap to integrate the belts

Small wardrobe belt hangerTo make the most of the wardrobe space , you can use the side of the wardrobe to organize your belts or ties.

We usually keep belts folded in a drawer, but this causes them to deform and take up a lot of space.

With this accessory you will have all the belts in sight and in perfect condition.

Take advantage of the height of the wardrobe

Bar small and tall cabinetsIf the lower part of your wardrobe is free, you cannot lose that space.

Take advantage of it to place a shoe rack and keep your shoes organized and taking up the minimum space.

Don’t worry if you already have an area to store your shoes. You can take advantage of the space to incorporate a removable tray and store clothes from another season or accessories.

To optimize the space of the tall cabinets, add a folding hanging bar.

It allows you to comfortably access your clothes without the need to climb a ladder or stool.


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