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10 Things You Must Do In Your 20s To Be A Millionaire In Your 30s

We have compiled 10 tips to help you make a seven-figure income in your 30s. These are both tips from people who were millionaires early on and other experts who have studied thousands of millionaires.

While we can’t guarantee you will make a fortune, these tips will help you get there.

1. Focus on winning

Grant Cardone writes, “The first step in increasing your income is to concentrate on increasing it incrementally.” He went from being in bankruptcy at 21 to becoming millionaire at thirty.

“Before I made $3,000 dollars per month, nine years later, I was making $20,000.” Follow the money. This will allow you to see potential and control your income.

Although it is not always easy to make more money, there are many options. Learn how to make additional income, what high-paying jobs can you do on your own, how you can make passive income and the first steps you should take before you start a business.

2. Multiple sources of income are possible

You can earn more if you increase your income streams.

Thomas C. Corley, a writer, found that many self-made millionaires have multiple income streams. 65% had three, while 45% had four and 29% had five.

These streams can include real estate rentals and investments in the stock exchange.

He writes that three streams of income seem to be the magic number of self-made millionaires. However, the more streams you have in your life, the better your financial stability.”

3. Be disciplined and focused

Rafael Badziag, a psychologist in Entrepreneurship Psychology, discusses long-term habits and success strategies for billionaires in his book “The Billion Dollar Secret”: 20 Principles of Wealth & Billionaire Success.

Five years of interviewing 21 self-made billionaires was enough time to discover that they were all very disciplined.

Badziag wrote, “The billionaires that I interviewed were the most disciplined people that I have ever encountered.”

Napoleon Hill, journalist and author, discovered one thing in all 500 millionaires: they all had the same quality: decision.

Hill’s 1937 personal finance classic reveals that an analysis of over 100 people who have made fortunes exceeding a million dollars showed that they all had a tendency to make quick decisions. rich”.

4. Do not brag

Cardone writes that “I didn’t buy my first luxury car or watch until my investments and businesses produced multiple streams of income.” “I was still driving a Toyota Camry at the time I became millionaire.” Do not be known for the bullshit that you buy, but your work ethic.

5. Change your way of thinking about money

Steve Siebold, a self-taught millionaire, says that “Getting Rich starts with what you think about money.”

He emphasizes that the secret to success has been “the same: to think.” “While most people believe that it is impossible to get rich, the wealthy know that it is possible to make money inside your own head.

6. Invest in yourself

Today’s wealthy and successful people read a lot. Warren Buffett is an example of someone who reads about 80% every day.

They also put a lot of emphasis on their health. Badziag interviewed billionaires who followed a rigorous exercise regimen.

7. Fixed salaries are dead!

Siebold wrote that the rich are more likely to be self-employed. They decide what their salary will be. Self-employment is the fastest way to riches, according to the great.

“While the most successful people open new businesses and create fortunes, the majority of people settle for fixed wages and miss out on the chance to build great wealth.

Siebold says that the masses are almost guaranteed a life of financial insecurity by working at a low-salary job and getting annual raises.

8. Set goals and visualize your success.

You must set a clear goal to make more money. Then, create a plan to get there. You can’t just get money out of the blue. It takes hard work and dedication to make it happen.

Wealthy people are willing to work hard to achieve their goals. It requires focus, courage, knowledge and a lot effort.

9. Meet people you admire.

Andrew Carnegie, who began with nothing and went on to become America’s richest person, credits all of his success to the Master Mind.

It is important to surround yourself with creative and talented people who share your vision. The power of a group of intelligent and creative people is far greater than one.

We also become like those we associate with. This is why rich people often associate with the wealthy.

10. Do not try to make 1,000,000 dollars.

Cardone writes that “The greatest financial mistake I have made was not thinking enough.” I encourage you to aim for more than one million. People who think big are the only ones who lack money on this planet.


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