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About Us

Hello, I’m Rachel Collins. You have arrived at what used to be my business website. I used to create patchwork quilts and sell them when this website was an e-commerce site.

I have since retired from this business but still have a passion and interest with anything to do with needle and thread.

My interests that spread beyond just needlework and that is where this blog comes in. You can discover my growing group of articles around business topics, home and garden as well as lifestyle.

Guide To Quilt Making

Patchwork quilts might be seen as a modern invention I suppose you could say. However, the making of these items go back In history to the native America Indians.

You can read all about the history behind patchwork quilts as well as detail on how you can make your own special designs and quilts at home.

You will be able to find your starting point by following the details in this section of my website.

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