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Quilts on display have all been treated by MicroSealQ! Photo Credit to Diana EasleyEmma Rose invites you to Shop Small at Rachel's Quilt Patch

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Winter Weather Policy
If Staunton City or Augusta County Schools are delayed or closed, please call to make sure we are here before you come into shop.


Protect your work.
Protect your treasures.

Thank you to the generous support of:

The Park Fam, Diana Easley, Phil & Irene Kniss, Gene & Gloria Diener, Edgar & Carmen Strite Miller, Amy Izzillo, Sharon Kay, Nancy Mader, Carol Leland, Erin Blanton, Karen Lawrence, Kathleen Stinehart, Nancy Bowman, Linda Abshire, Anna Davis, Kristine Walker, Susan Blanton, Sara Rickert, Sheri Salatin, Janice Cobb, Susan Sims, Jon & Vi Dutcher, Carloyn Maloney, Catherine Cunningham, Barbara Womack, Kristen Kahn, Tara Hornbacker, Kara Abshire, Rule 42, Kayla Payne, Kristen McNamera, Barbara Miller, Nancy W Eavers, Sara Riccioni, Katie McCaskey, Angel Cantrall, Kristine Walker, Larry & Sharon Glick, The Brunetti Family. Emily Cox, Sharon Showalter, Rachel Kimble, Esther Link, Everett Brubaker, Mindy Tipton, Marsha Farrar, Brigid Bronik, Cat Stanley, Dan Neff, Robertta Patterson, Beth Young, Sara Toye, Christina Cain, Merri Kelly, Matt & Heather Ream, Kathy Tyson, Candy Smith, Martha Stewart, Sue von Dohlen, Wayne & Mona Pence, David & Mert Brubaker, Gail Auen, Anna Muzzy, Nadene Brunk, Courtney Cranor, Debbie Mosimann, Monica Wilson, Troy & Jennica Lucas, Sandra Thompson, Rebecca Laine, Melou Piegari, Ethel White, Carol Leland, Sharon Sproul, Carole Williams, Velva Barr, Louise Dodd, Lisa Klein, Jenny Miller, Lynn Noel, Anita Cook, Linda Custer, Kathy Kirkdorfer, Irene Cook, Norma Baldwin, Deb Cheezum & several anonymous contributors.

Coverage on NBC29 - Staunton Quilt Shop Fundraising for fabric protectant

Coverage in The News Leader - Sealing Memories with Fabric Technology

Moda Sampler Shuffle - Week #4
Are you shuffling with us yet?
Shuffle [shuhf-uh l] -
Verb. To move (an object or objects) this way and that; to jumble together, mix, or interchange the positions of (objects).
Noun. An event that will inspire you to create blocks in fabrics of your choice while learning new techniques, finding out about new products and fine tuning your skills.

Each Sunday we will release 3 new blocks in email

If you are on instagram feel free to
#RachelsQuiltPatch and #ModaSamplerShuffle

(We will also be posting to instagram as we finish ours.)

Simply download the pdf and make the blocks. 


Click here  for the pattern suggested for finishing the quilt
Click here for the flying geese border

 Block #1   Moda Sampler Shuffle Block 1 by Kay using Hello Darling fabrics.   I used a frixon pen for marking and the tucker trimmer for trimming down the HST blocks.  I also used a few different mesurements to make trimming down easier.
Block #2   Moda Sampler Shuffle Block 2 by Kay using Hello Darling Fabrics  This block is fun to play around with striking colors

Block #3   Moda Sampler Shuffle Block 3 by Kay using Hello Darling Fabrics  Flower head pins or red head pins make lining up these seams go smoothly. 

Block #4    I loved playing with color placement on this one. 

Block #5    I cut my HST's a little larger and trim down with a tucker trimmer to make them a little more precise than if I did them with exact measurements from the start.

Block #6    I used my Wing Clipper (flying geese ruler) for the star points.  I find they are more precise than doing it the 'easy triangle' way suggested in the pattern.

Click here for Block #7

Click here for Block #8

Click here for Block #9

Here are the new blocks!!

Click here for Block #10

Click here for Block #11

Click here for Block #12

Since these blocks are smaller than what I usually make, I am pressing almost all the seams open to prevent any bulk as I am piecing.  Consistent scant quarter inch seams are really important when you are working this small.  (KS)

You choose the fabrics.  Kay is using Hello Darling to start and will likely mix in Vintage Picnic to finish when it arrives after the first of the year.  Moda suggests starting with 2 layer cakes or 2 jelly rolls for the blocks.  We have also figured out that you can use 24 fat quarters or 12 fat quarters and 24 fat eighths.  Don't have any of those?  Come in and we will help you shuffle fabric amounts to make sure you have enough for the blocks.


We help you... need some inspiration? fabrics to add into the stash you want to use up to make these blocks? need to know an easier way or helpful tips for completing a block? We are always here to help, but will specifically have Tuesdays from 10:30am - 1pm blocked off for sew along help or demos about that week's blocks.

Here are the next 3 blocks AND the finishing pattern AND the flying geese directions for the border (to help you plan).
(You do not have to use this finishing pattern.  In fact, Kay already has an alternate plan in mind.)


The block patterns will be available on our website (rachelsquiltpatch.com) and facebook for 2 weeks at a time.
There will not be more than 2 week's blocks up at a time.

The hints and finishing instructions will be up throughout the timeline.



Fall/Winter 2015


Wedding Update...

We had a wonderful day and it was a joyful time with family and friends.  Here are a couple pictures from the day. 

We are excited to have Swedish Dishclothes in stock and are getting some wonderful ornaments in next week.  So many wonderful things are coming in this month and lots of things to help you get ready for the holidays.

Our friends at Made; are doing a fun promotion this holiday season!!
Go get your game card at Made; By the People, For the People and then come check out all the great things we have gotten in for your gift giving season!!

From Team Made;
Listen closely and you’ll hear a lot of lip service being given to “buy local” campaigns across the nation.

And while the many benefits of buying at your favorite independent shops cannot be denied (more money stays in the local economy, the character of the community remains unique and diverse, the inherent nature of shopping locally results in a smaller carbon footprint, etc.). Made; has created one more benefit - this holiday season Team Made; has partnered with over 20 downtown retailers to encourage and reward all you fine folks that actually care enough to do something about it!

So here it is, our challenge to you…stop by Made; FIRST and spend at least $10 to receive your official game card.

Next spend $10 at any 10 participating retail stores (including Rachel's Quilt Patch) by December 31, 2015 to receive a FREE $10 Made; Gift Certificate (for use between Jan1-Mar 31 2016), AND a chance to win a $100 Downtown Gift Card from our friends at the Staunton Downtown Development Association (drawing will take place on Dec. 31st!)

The prizes are great but remember we're ALL winners when we keep the dollars flowing in our local community!!!

We are excited to now be able to offer our row pattern for sale.  Come by and get yours today!


The excitement started on June 21st.. Our row is ready and kitted and our license plates are here for your shopping pleasure.

Beverly Street Waterwheel


MicroSealQ service now available at Rachel's Quilt Patch

We have started taking in quilts to be protected with MicroSealQ. We are so excited to offer this service that helps us protect our handmade items like we have not been able to before. It is the missing final step to protect our hard work.

MicroSealQ is s a protectant that sinks into the fiber and fills in the gaps that we tear away as we process the fiber into our desired textile form. MicroSealQ imitates the natural protection of the original fiber.


Thank you for supporting LUNGevity as we walked in Breathe Deep Baltimore.
Lung cancer takes more lives annually
than the next top four cancers combined

We invite you to learn more about Lung Cancer and LUNGevity. Lung cancer isn't a disease that just affects smokers. Monica was proof of that. And she was offended that anyone would think that anyone deserved cancer because of their life choices. Help us make a difference in lung cancer research through LUNGevity.

We invite you to learn more about Lung Cancer and LUNGevity. Lung cancer isn't a disease that just affects smokers. Monica was proof of that. And she was offended that anyone would think that anyone deserved cancer because of their life choices. You have helped us make a difference in lung cancer research through LUNGevity.

If you don't or didn't smoke,
you are not immune to lung cancer.
About 55% of all new diagnoses are among people
who have never smoked or are former smokers.

To learn more about LUNGevity and the LUNGevity walk on Sept 20

To follow LUNGevity on FaceBook

The Baltimore Sun article shortly after Monica's passing.

Rachel, Kay, and Emma Rose

Batting on the Roll!! We have Quilter's Dream Orient on the 93" roll and 61" bolt. We also have Quilter's Dream Cotton Select on the 93" roll and Quilter's Dream Blend on the 61" bolt. Quality Virginia produced batting for every need.

Classes - Check out our list of current classes. Call us to set up a time and day that suits your schedule.

Facebook - Make sure you follow us on Facebook! It is the best way to keep up with what is new and happening at the shop. Instagram - Folow us on Instagram. rachels_quilt_patch
Want to see what we've been protecting with MicroSealQ? There are a few examples at #MicroSealQ

Sewing for a great cause. We continue to collect pillowcases for Hospice of the Shenandoah and Camp Dragonfly. Hospice uses the pillowcases we donate for birthday baskets for their patients. We look forward to your help in building their supply back up.

We also continue to collect quilts for our 'Tabatha Quilt' project. We collect small quilts that can be used for local chidren in need. This Christmas we were able to distribute 21 quilts to the Valley Mission for the children staying there. Most of those children are less than 10 years old. Thank you for helping us make a difference in the lives of local children.

Fabric, Gifts and History
Rachel’s Quilt Patch is “at home” in the 1860 railroad freight station in the historic Wharf District in downtown Staunton. In its heyday this place held boxes and boxes of railroad freight, moving it out and into warehouses across the street. In its new incarnation, quilters gather for classes and clubs, and yards of fabric are enthusiastically bought and sold. You are invited to come and share our place and our space, shop for all your quilting needs, ask for help, sit with Sweet Blue, our resident Siamese, and show us your latest projects—in process or finished. We are experienced quilters dedicated to offering personal service. Located in Historic Downtown Staunton at the Train Station (Read more about the Wharf District on 'About Us' page)

3 Generations by Monica Wison Photography
Inside our Shop
Our shop features: 100% cotton fabric collections from top of the line designers and manufacturers, craft patterns, books, & notions selected for today's quilter and fabric crafter.

We also carry a wide variety of gift items including Swedish dishclothes and Greenwich Bay soaps and lotions.

Pillowcases for Camp Dragonfly and Hospice
We continue to collect pillowcases all year in preparation for next year's camp, as well as for current and future hospice patients.

We love the Rolled Pillowcase Technique, (we use 3/4yard for the body and 1/3yard for the cuff.) It's up to you how you would like to do them but we find this technique the easiest. Come into the shop for a demo if you would like.  We ask that we have Camp Dragonfly pillowcases turned in by September 1st. 

We will continue to collect pillowcases for Hospice throughout the year. Thank you for your help in making a difference in your community.

Directions to Rachel's Quilt Patch
Please feel free print out the directions and follow them to our store. From the North:
Travel South on Interstate 81 - take Exit 225. Turn right off the exit.
At your first traffic light turn left onto Rt. 11
At the next traffic light take the left fork.
At the next light (Statler Blvd) go straight.
At the next light (Greenville Ave) go straight.
---There will be a giant watering can on your left at the Railroad underpass.
Continue to South Augusta Street at the second intersection. Turn left onto South Augusta Street. Augusta Street ends at Staunton Station. Turn right (Middlebrook Ave.) and an immediate left onto the cobblestone parking lot at the "Depot Grill Parking" sign.
Rachel's Quilt Patch is housed in the long brick building next to the Depot Grill. From the East:
Travel west on Interstate 64 to the I-81 exit heading north. Stay to the right as you enter I-81, and exit at Exit 222. Follow the directions from the South.

From the South:
Travel Interstate 81 North to Staunton Exit 222. Continue turning right off the exit onto Rt.250, heading toward Staunton.
Travel about 2 1/2 miles to a stoplight at Greenville Ave. (You will be traveling on a 2-lane road. Stay in the left lane, but turn right.) You will go under the railroad underpass at the giant flower pots, and make an immediate left on to Commerce.
At the second traffic light, turn left on to S. Augusta Street.
Augusta Street ends at Staunton Station. Turn right (Middlebrook Ave), and then and immediate left onto the cobblestone parking lot at the "Depot Grill Parking" sign.
Rachel's Quilt Patch is housed in the long brick building next to the Depot Grill. Follow the sign for 'Depot Grill Parking' into our lot.

We look forward to seeing you soon!!






Photography by Kevin Blackburn Photography
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